Laser Heads

Laser heads series VF belong to the new class of heads for fiber lasers, namely systems with adjustable relative focal length. This is the basis of technological systems designed by the specialists of STC ELECTRORESURS.

The technological tests accomplished have demonstrated full compatibility of the head with laser design, possibility of performing a wide spectrum of operations and work safety.

Fibre lasers with vario-heads VF001 М can be used for the following operations:

  • laser metal cutting — with use of different materials and metal thicknesses
  • perforation — manufacture of meshes and filter elements with transparency up to 30%
  • welding high-performance butt-seam welding without application of filler materials, including welding of structures such as «tube-tube plate»
  • hardening of surfaces — local treatment of parts to increase metal strength
  • build-up welding — modification of surfaces with use of metal materials requiring high accuracy and locality
  • cleaning — noncontact environmentally friendly and high-performance method
  • marking and engraving.

All these processes are highly effective and efficient as compared with traditional technological methods of surface processing.

Technical characteristics

Device type VF001MA Note
Optical port QBH connector Fiber diameter 15.100 µm
Output beam diameter within the system 24 mm Maximum, in short-focus mode
Number of lenses 6 Quartz КУ-1 GOST, translucence
Maximum delivered power 3000 W  
Focal distance tuning range 2.4  
Rear free length L 124, 168, 212 mm Set with three removable focusing lenses
Focal spot retuning diameter range at L=124 80.280 mm  
Quality of output beam M2 in short-focus half of range 1.15 minimum  
Sensors Case temperature, radiation dispersion level in case, tip mating sensor
Control interface CAN/RS485, additional interlock output «dry contacts»

Version and options:

  • Head VF001MA with case-mounted controller MH002.
  • Head VF001MA with separately mounted controller MH002.
  • Cutting tip with capacitive sensor MZ002.
  • Welding tip.
  • Software.

Process recommendations:

  • All laser processing processes requiring quality optimization and frequent change of material.
  • Ready tool to be used with industrial robot.
  • Multifunctional machines for full spectrum of laser technology.