STC ELECTRORESURS develops new fibre-laser-based technological processes and creates complex solutions for different branches.

A team of specialists in physics and areas boundary with laser technology has contributed to the development. Among them is the outstanding scientist with more than 20-year experience, the Candidate of Technical Science, Skripchenko A.I. who was one of the first to realize the high potential of fiber lasers for industry and has begun development of fibre-laser-based equipment.

To ensure most effective use of laser, we created vario-head which converts laser beam for the particular technological requirements.

Since 2002 the specialists of STC ELECTRORESURS had conducted research in this area followed by the practical tests and in 2008 we patented the laser vario-head. Presently the technology is being practically introduced to all industries, such as oil-and-gas, machine-building, ship-building and railway, requiring high efficiency of operations at high speed, accuracy and low operating costs, as well as the possibility of operation with metals and alloys of different thickness.