Scientific and Technical Centre (STC) ELECTRORESURS designs and manufactures unique and most up-to-date industrial equipment based on fibre lasers. The products we offer for leading industries make a breakthrough in high-speed and precision operations with metals and metalware of any complexity.

As of today we are ready to offer the following equipment:

  • laser vario-head series VF capable of performing a wide spectrum of technological operations, from cutting to cleaning and hardening of surfaces;
  • complex laser processing solutions on the basis of vario-head VF, industrial robots and coordinate robotics: equipment to accomplish special tasks of customers, multifunction machines, tube plate welding machines, machines for surface modification of parts;
  • supplementary equipment and software for laser systems: industrial robots, coordinate systems based on self-controlled machines, multichannel gas regulators, control systems and technological process control programs.

Quickness, accuracy and efficiency of fibre-laser-based equipment ensure maximum effectiveness of technological operations, such as cutting, welding, build-up welding, hardening and alloying of surfaces, cleaning, perforation, marking and engraving.