Multifunctional Laser Machines

Multifunctional laser machines provide complex laser processing solutions, both stationary and mobile. The combination of high efficiency and compactness of the equipment allows creating the machine for the specific production objectives without compromising the quality of operations and the spectrum of operations performed.

Functional modules designed by the specialists of STC ELECTRORESURS enable easy configuration of finished fiber-laser-based technology system, industrial robots and commercial coordinate robotics. The mini machine simultaneously integrates several fibre laser processing processes: cutting, welding, perforation, hardening and build-up welding with five- or six-axial CNC-control system. Versatility and flexibility are ensured by means of micro-processor-controlled adjustable laser head automatically adjusted to required technological process.

As of today we offer the following components:

  • industrial robots
  • coordinate systems
  • self-controlled servomotors
  • multipurpose process laser heads VF integrated with travel hub to ensure that the focus is automatically kept on the surface
  • multichannel gas flow regulators МРРГ
  • process equipment control system.

On the basis of these components it is possible to design and assemble technological system for various applications: from machining of flat and cylindrical objects to 3D processes.

Process capabilities:

  • Laser cutting in flat or cylindrical prefabricated parts (steel, titanium and aluminium alloys of 0.5 to 15 mm thick)
  • Laser welding (steel, titanium alloys, aluminium and heterogeneous materials)
  • High-speed perforation of 100.500 µm in items
  • Hardening of steels and titanium alloys
  • Alloying of metal surfaces.

Advantages of mobile laser systems:

  • operation at remote service objects
  • fast deployment and readiness for operation without complex start-up and adjustment operations
  • minimum requirements to energy sources and consumables
  • simplicity of operation and high reliability.