Other Promising Areas

Food industry is among other areas of laser processing technology application.

Until recently in food production worldwide the use was made of tin cans manufactured by soldering with application of tin (60%) and lead (40%). In such tin cans the metals contact with food, oxidize and poison it. As a result the expiration dates are shortened and carcinogens penetrate the human body. Researches conducted by scientists to study the possibility of using tin can with welded seam have resulted in complete prohibition of welded tin cans in the USA (1995) and in EU countries (1998). In Russia there are no yet prohibitions in this respect, however, application of out-of-date and dangerous technology impedes entering the international market.

Western producers nowadays are working on laser welding of tins; however, it requires complete and very costly re-equipment of production lines.

To use optical laser head VF, it is sufficient to replace only 2 — 3 nodes of line that considerably saves the funds. Besides that, the combined laser-arc welding ensures high welding speed of thin metal (tin) of up to 1 m/s to give it «stainless steel» properties. This helps to considerably prolong the expiry date of products and protect them from oxidation that becomes an important advantage both in the consumer market and for fabrication of tinned products for the State reserves.