Solutions for Machine-Building, Aircraft-Building and Ship-Building Industries

Manufacture of bearing metalware at the enterprises of machine-building and other metal-working industries is nowadays based on the principles of constituent part manufacture and unit-wise assembly that requires a lot of installation and adjustment operations and operations on correction of structures after traditional methods of arc welding. The scope of these operations, performed mainly manually, amount to up to 50% of the total labour intensity of manufacture of structures.

Researches have shown that the only way of substantial reduction of labour intensity in manufacture of vessels is to apply precision robotized technology the main characteristics of which are:

  • high accuracy of cutting-out of prefabricated parts;
  • robotized assembly and welding of fragments;
  • change of approach to design of machines and vessels aimed at maximum use of fragments;
  • application of sandwich panels in standard structures; such sandwich panels can be manufactured in specialized workshops and production areas.

Creation of new generation of laser equipment has contributed to qualitatively new level of efficiency and quality of manufactures of structures on the basis of wide application of laser cutting, welding, marking and hardening technology.

Application of laser technology leads to higher productivity of sketching, marking and welding operations ensuring minimum deformations of case structures and high accuracy of structure geometry. Besides that, laser technology allow to apply new types of plane and curvilinear multilayer structures which reduce the weight of items and improves their bending and twisting characteristics.

Modular principle of laser stations enables to readjust them for the particular requirements of customers by replacement of main modules: laser heads, focusing and beam transfer systems, positioners and other assemblies.

Creation and implementation of high-performance laser technology, equipment and fittings in machine-building industry for sketching, marking and cutting, high-power welding and build-up welding will ensure:

  • metalware manufacture cost reduction by 30–50% due to efficiency improving and labour intensity reduction, and reduction of adjustment operations due to manufacture accuracy improving 5–10 times and reduction of deformations during cutting-out of prefabricated parts and assembly and welding operations 5–8 times
  • reduction of built-up metal 5–10 times;
  • reduction of vessel hull and metalware weight by 20–40% particularly but not exclusively due to application of multilayer honeycomb panels;
  • reduction of vessels and various-purpose metalware manufacture period by 30%;
  • improvement of quality and durability and reliability of welded metalware;
  • ecological cleanness, high automation and comfortable working conditions;
  • company competitiveness in the world market by quality, time and cost parameters.